Alan Doherty (alan_ie) wrote,
Alan Doherty

calling londoners reposted from G+

Ok internets so the plan is london this weekend
hotel is semi-sorted
but as it was apparently booked solid for saturday night (not too bad as we planned an all nighter in slimelight anyway)
but was wondering if any of ye who know me well would be interested in providing myself an +Karolina Deptula the use of their space for pre slimelight preparation (her more than me) before going out sat (as we will be checked out at midday and thus will want to change clothes) and potentially a little dozing/crash-space if needed (if night is aborted early due to unforeseen circumstance) (as we cant check back in till 12/midday sun)

other than that is anyone interested in or free for drinks/coffee other meetups fri-mon

also club/pub/other recommendations for fri+sun are welcome
also feel free to forward this to ppl not on g+ that know me that might want to help ;)
Tags: london
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